We save you time and money

Our service will save you time and money. When planning an event you have a lot to consider and finding the right venue can swallow up huge amounts of your working day.  We take the hassle and strain out of venue finding by doing all the hard work for you! You tell us what you want, we find it! 

We know that finding the right venue is essential to setting the scene for your event so why spend hours trawling through websites and making phone calls? Let us save you time and money and do all that for you!  Your time is precious, don’t waste it on venue finding when we can do it for FREE. Contact us today so you can get on with everything else on your ‘to-do’ list.

How we save you time and money

Venues pay us commission but only after the event has been run successfully.  That commission comes out of the venue’s profit so you don’t pay a penny more.  We actually negotiate reduced rates so you can get a cheaper price than if you’d booked yourself!  How does this work?  No business wants their venue to be left empty.  So, our extensive network of quality venues work with us to help fill their space.  We match supply with demand; venues increase their occupancy, you get a value for money seamless service and we get paid.  It’s win : win : win!